Friday, June 22, 2012

Star Trek: TNG 25TH Anniversary and Blu-ray

Last month, the theaters were announced for the Special Star Trek: The Next Generation High-Definition Events, which will be screened across the country at various theaters on the evening of Monday, July 23rd.

The pomp and circumstance for the 25th Anniversary screening of Star Trek: TNG will be nothing less than magnificent for the long awaited release of the series onto Blu-ray. Special theater screenings are being held to commemorate and promote the release of Star Trek: TNG's Season 1 Blu-ray, which will be released the following day on July 24TH. Bonus featurettes are said to include never-before-aired scenes, photography, interviews with main cast and crew members, and behind-the-scenes footage of how the Special FX were made for the original Star Trek: The Next Generation television series. 

Futhermore, The Star Trek: The Next Generation fan audiences will be able to see an exclusive preview of the upcoming, "Measure of a Man." Tickets will be $12 for the two to two and a half hour plus extravaganza! Great Escape theaters will begin selling tickets on Friday June 8th and As an added perk, naturally, members who have registered were allowed to purchase tickets in advance of that date. Being a fan has it's advantages, eh?

Ready or not, here it comes: the first ever Blu-ray of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season One, which features every episode digitally remastered in Hi-Def! The release date is scheduled on the 24th of July. Rabid Star Trek: The Next Generation fans can't wait to get their hands on the six-disc set that will be in 7.1 audio (DTS) and at 1080 pixel resolution. The retail price has been set at $118.00 officially by CBS in the USA, according to

Believe it or not--that's actually a little less than the retail price of the Blu-ray disc of season one for Star Trek: The Original Series. Ultimately, has the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation available for $40 off with all pre-orders, which is not bad at all! Until then, we'll all be eagerly waiting this epic release!

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